Improve the health and wellbeing of your employees

PAM Life is a personal health and wellbeing solution for employees of health-conscious companies looking to improve the wellness of their workforce. Unlike other occupational health providers, PAM offers an innovative new platform providing individual employees with direct access to the tools and expert coaching needed to make positive changes in their lives.

Continuous support and engagement

With PAM Life there is no need to worry about how to encourage your workforce to use our innovative wellness solution for the benefit of your whole business. We will provide continuous support to you by promoting PAM Life to your workforce using both printed and digital communications as well as site visits, ensuring a maximum return on your investment.

How it works


Pam life displayed on laptop and mobile devices

Get set up

The online platform can be customised to co-ordinate with your corporate branding and used to promote organisational initiatives. Your employees will create their own personal account to gain access to a wealth of health and wellbeing support. Trend analysis from data captured will allow your business to understand the health profile of your organisation and target initiatives where they are needed the most.

Health Genie kiosks

PAM Life is fully integrated with our mobile Health Genie kiosks which can be delivered on site to your place of business allowing employees to hop on and take their key health measurements like blood pressure, weight, and BMI readings. Readings taken automatically sync with the employee's online PAM Life account to calculate their wellness score.


Health Genie kiosk


Road sign displaying personal goals

Creating goals

Your employees will be able to engage in motivational support programmes to encourage positive step changes to improve their health and wellbeing. You will also be able to set corporate challenges and promote your own wellbeing initiatives to support business objectives.


Help and support

Your employees will receive health and wellbeing advice from a range of specialists to develop tailored individual and corporate wellbeing programmes. Our coaches love to help, support, and point employees in the right direction. They're just a click away, always offering support to improve health and wellbeing.

Pam life Coach
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Stronger business

By empowering your employees to build their resilience through self-improvement and achievement, your business will benefit with a more productive workforce.

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Key Features

Attendance and Productivity image
Attendance and Productivity

Provide your employees with a health and wellbeing solution that will nurture positive thinking to improve productivity in the workplace

Customisable image

Corporate branding and content modifications to promote your wellbeing initiatives and support business objectives

Specialist Advice and Programmes image
Specialist Advice and Programmes

Receive health and wellbeing advice from a range of specialists to develop your personal wellbeing programme, at the touch of a button

Behavioural Change image
Behavioural Change

Engage in motivational support programmes to encourage positive step changes to improve health and wellbeing

Integration image

Synchronise data from Health Genie kiosks and fitness tracking devices making PAM Life a wellness hub

Corporate Dashboard image
Corporate Dashboard

View trend analysis on the health profile of your workforce, set organisational challenges to promote teamwork

PAM Life Coaches image
PAM Life Coaches

On the other end of the PAM Life platform is a team of wellness experts who will engage with and support your workforce on their journey to improved health and wellbeing

Health Genie Kiosks image
Health Genie Kiosks

Our mobile health kiosks can be delivered to your business location, enabling your employees to take health check ups in under five minutes

Dedicated Support image
Dedicated Support

We will offer continuous support to encourage engagement and maximise the resources available to your organisation

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